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"They played like they were in front of 50, 000 people, even though they weren't," says Hyams, a Los Angeles record producer who persuaded Perry Farrell to add a children's stage to Lollapalooza three years ago.  "People really love them, more so than other acts we've had in the past...The Hipwaders have as much value as Pearl Jam.  They are a tight, focused group of musicians."

Tor Hyams, Lollapalooza co-promoter (SF Chronicle 9/2/07)

"This was hands-down the best Bread & Roses live event I have hosted, to date "  - Lisa Bautista, Bread & Roses
Some of the places The Hipwaders have performed:
Lollapalooza, Chicago
XM/Sirius Satellite Radio Studios, Washington D.C.
Pandora Internet Radio HQ, Oakland, CA
 Rock & Blues Festival, Snowbird Ski Resort, Utah
KindieFest, Brooklyn, NY
Six Flags Great America, Santa Clara, CA
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Vallejo, CA
IBM, San Jose, CA
Bay Area Discovery Museum, Sausalito, CA
Children's Discovery Museum, San Jose, CA
& various libraries, fairs & festivals throughout the Bay Area


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